Pop World Interview 1

You've heard all the gossip and yes, it is true - Simon and Miquita are leaving POPWORLD. But their departure doesn't mean the end of the best music show on TV. No way. We've found a brand new dynamic duo to own the weekend from April 22 - Alex Zane and Alexa Chung.
Mr Zane you may already know about (and we've put together a little factfile here) but Alexa's brand new. We sat down with our new preseneter to see if she's up for this monumental challenge and just how she's going to treat Girls Aloud...

So, who are you then?
'I was going to give you some pervy description of myself but I think I'll leave that alone. I'm 22, from Hampshire and I've done modelling for about three years. I just really wanted to get into presenting or acting so that's why I've been hanging around in the fashion industry, hoping an audition might crop up. And it did, which is ace.'

Haven't we seen you somewhere before?
'[Laughs] Are you stalking me? Yeah, you're the one I put the restraining order on. Um, yes, I've been in a few pop videos. I was Mike Skinner's girlfriend in his video for 'Could Well Be In'. I was also Holly Valance's lesbian pal in 'Down Boy' which was highly amusing. I was 18, in hot pants, having to kiss Holly Valance and it was a bit, like, eurgh. I also did a really bad TV show called Shoot Me on Fashion TV which was a mini docu-series about a model who goes to London and tries to make it big. Yasmin Le Bon was in it which was a bit weird. Oh, and there have been various TV commercials which I'm not gonna name.'

Don't worry they'll be dug up. So none of those experiences have put you off TV?
'Well, I don't know, Westlife was quite traumatic. For 'Hey Whatever' I had to be in a bikini, cleaning out a swimming pool in front of the boys.'

So, you're one half of POPWORLD's new presenters. You up for the challenge?
'Yeah, I am. I'm very excited, it's quite daunting, but I'm excited. But I've got the Zane by my side to help me so that's alright.'

You two will be filling the boots of Simon and Miquita. What do you think of that?
'I don't quite know. I loved the show and I used to watch it all the time and totally wanted to be on it so it's pretty much a dream come true. What they've done with it is amazing and I find them really funny. It's sad they have to leave but Alex and I have got our own thing going on and hopefully we'll be able to make it our own as well.'

How are you two going to revolutionise POPWORLD?
'I dunno, we'll just have to see how it goes. We haven't come up with any grand plans of how we're going do it. I think we're just gonna be ourselves and by doing that hopefully it will be entertaining.'

Is there anyone you particularly want to interview?
'Yeah. When Alex and I did a pilot we had to interview The Like and I love The Like. I actually My Space-d one of them and asked her to be my friend but she denied me. I got to interview The Ordinary Boys and Preston who I really liked from Big Brother. I was quite excited about interviewing him. Tom Jones might be on the first show, but I think my mum's more excited than I am about him.'

What are the perks of being a POPWORLD presenter?
'Obviously, perks are hanging out with your favourite bands and getting to interrogate them on their favourite things. I just want to do the job because it's an amazing opportunity and it's just going to be a real laugh. From what Alex and I have done so far we've just been on the floor laughing every day.'

Anything you're dreading?
'I guess it's quite scary putting yourself up there and seeing whether people like you or not. Other than that there's nothing within the show that I'm dreading. Alex Zane, that's who I'm dreading.'

What's Alex like?
'He's lovely, really lovely. I mean we've only known each other for a few weeks but so far we get on really well.'

Are you two going to have roles?
'What, like hard man and nice guy?'

'No, I think we're both equally evil so we won't take on any roles.'

Are you going to be as mean to Girls Aloud as Simon and Miquita were?
'[Laughs] No, I'm not gonna deliberately go out there to piss them off but it depends what they're like. Watch this space.'

from the POPWORLD website