Pop World Interview 2

Hello? Alexa?

Right, POPWORLD.com here. Since you're going to be asking pop stars awkward and ridiculous questions from now on, we'd thought it only fair if you went through the ordeal first. Alexa, here are your Big Ones...
'Hooray! I've always wanted to be asked my Big Ones.'

What skill are you most proud of?
'Oh my God, I'm the least skilled person in the world. I'm most proud of the fact that I can draw anchor tattoos really well. That's a skill I think.'

So if the presenter stuff fails you could always be a tattoo artist?
'I could, but only in pens or crayons. I don't like to commit to ink and needle. And I only specialise in sea fare, pirate scenes, sailors, anything nautical. I don't venture anywhere outside of that circle.'

Money and logistics aside, if you could be doing absolutely anything right now, what would you be doing right now?
'I'd be sleeping. No, I'd be having a massage. That's quite a boring one though if I could do anything.'

Well it could be a massage on a tropical Island done by Brad Pitt...
'Not so much Brad Pitt. Maybe The Krankies, that would be quite surreal.'

Complete this sentence, 'If you're threatened by a hamster with a flicknife...'?
'Punch him in the eyes and run as fast as you can. If in doubt, punch.'

What's the first thing that comes into your mind when we say, 'Magnificent'?
'I thought of magnifying glass because of the 'magni' bit at the beginning, a humongous one. What could it be examining? Actually, I was thinking about Danger Mouse when you said that word so maybe it's a big magnifying glass over Danger Mouse. This is too surreal, isn't it?'

Ever so slightly! Right, tell us about the movie of your life - who'd star in it, what favourite songs of yours would you put in the soundtrack?
'Wow, the movie of my life. I'd like to do the Shakespearian thing of a boy playing a girl 'cos you don't see enough of that these days. So I'd probably pick someone like that guy from Lost, what's his name? The guy from Lord Of The Rings. What was that actor called? [It's Dominic Monaghan she means] Anyway, I'd like him to try and play me. He's bound to get an Oscar 'cos whenever you play someone difficult or a different gender you tend to win an Oscar. As for the soundtrack I'd have Death From Above 1979 with their 'Romantic Rights' song. It's really thrashy and hardcore and I'd have it on loop throughout the whole movie.'

What inanimate object would you like to have a conversation with?
'Maybe bowling shoes. I like the idea that lots of people have worn them so I'd like to see what they thought about that. They'd probably be quite grumpy, but that's fine. They can be grumpy and sit there and I'll talk them through it. I'll be their therapist.'

What's the word on the street?
'The word on the streets is Madagascar. That's my favourite word of all time.'

And finally, what's the quickest way to piss off Alexa?
'It's to deprive me of sleep, so get off the phone [laughs].'

from the POPWORLD website